Vein Finders

  • For medical imaging solutions, Accuvein is a global leader. Accuvein vein finder help health care professionals to see the peripheral veins on skins surface with the aim to improve venipuncture and vascular access procedures. The AccuVein vein finder is first handheld , non-contact illumination system which can help view veins for different medical procedures. It has won Gold Edison Award, Two Time MDEA gold award, Red Herring Global 100 etc.
  • Global Clinical Cura Pvt. Limited is the authorized distributor of Accuvein vein finders in Pakistan.

Features of Accuvein Vein Finder

Uniquely Easy to Use, Accurate, Handheld to Hands-free, Lightweight, Portable, Flexible Viewing Modes, Flexible Charging, Sealed Design, Class 1 Laser Rating, Long Battery Life, Broad Patient Utility, Wipe Clean, Simplified User Interface

Accuvein is used in:

  • IV Access
  • Surgery Centers
  • Cosmetic Procedures
  • Blood Draw
  • Imaging Centers
  • Vascular Procedures
  • Platelet Rich Plasma Procedures
  • Infusion Centers
  • Dental IV Sedation
  • Phlebotomy

AV500 Specifications:

Weight Size Run Time Charge Time Battery Components Included Compatibility
275g 5cm x 6cm x 20cm Typically 2 hours 2-4 hours (Varies based on battery discharge level) Lithium-Ion 3.6V | 3,100 mAH Battery (installed), desktop charging cradle, worldwide power suppl (10w), country, and U.S plug. Ships in 1 box Compatible with AV400 and AV300 Stands and Cradles. Charging may be slower using HF470.

Accuvein Products   

       AV500 with Cradle
 Wheeled Stand
      Protective Cover