Hemoglobin Analyzer

EKF is a global medical manufacturer of point of care testing and central lab devices including different chemical reagents.


Products Features
Hemo Control point-of-care hemoglobin analyzer, provide quantitative, lab quality hemoglobin results from 25 seconds, Bubble-free cuvette design hotometric azide methemoglobin method, No calibration required can calculate hematocrit, bi-direct interface allowing direct integration with third-party software.
HBA1c Analyzer Fully automated, patented boronate affinity fluorescence quenching technology based, results in 4 minutes, results reported in IFCC and DCCT standard units, Unique interference free technology, efficient data handeling.
HBA1c Test Fully automated, CE Marked, 4 μl sample


Quo Lab A1c test CE marked
      Hemo Control CE Marked
Quo-Lab A1c Analyzer CE Marked